Portraits and Pieces

rachael portrait squared

2015-12-07 18.36.48

Untitled-3Greetings from Napa, California- I am really happy you’re visiting the site, and am pleased to offer my availability to create and provide artwork in multiple formats, for rates that are reasonable. I offer really humble prices in creating what I love, which is (but not limited to) portraiture and conceptual figurative art. Here’s what I offer:

  • Portraiture of people or pets, most effectively from a naturally-lit photograph, in oils on canvas.
  • Portraits in charcoal on paper, based on the aforementioned style of photo reference.
  • Surreal figurative art in whatever media, although typically oils on canvas or digital prints.
  • Commissioned oversized canvas pieces.
  • Sincere and friendly conversation related to potential commissions.
  • A contract stating exactly when I shall be finished with the work, and what I request in compensation.
  • Costs for the artwork that are mutually agreeable.



If you like the style shown here, please note that soon I will be posting more examples as I work on more portraiture pieces in different media and styles. I can be reached by email at noxoteus@yahoo.com, and we can discuss potential projects in media other than oils, such as digital, charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, and graphite.

Have a great day!

N. D. Towne